Starting Your Health & Fitness Journey

 This is our basic one on one on how to start a health and fitness program. We cover the basics of nutrition, fitness, and supplementation. 

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I am excited to host our first bi-weekly IsaBurn and Learn. We are here to give you a fun high intensity workout (geared for all fitness levels) and to teach you the basics on how not to fall into the traditional "New Years Resolutioners" crowd. Fad/crash dieting is not sustainable, going to the gym 6 days a week for 2 hours is not practical, and I hate to break it to you but the "6 pack in 6 minutes a day" infomercial device doesn't work. We need to learn the basic fundamentals of what makes the body more self-sufficient. How can we boost our metabolism naturally, why is lifting weights more important and how can we live a balanced life and enjoy the foods we love while maintaining a healthy body mentally and physically. 

That is why we are are going to have some fun, enjoy some delicious healthy food and learn the basics on how to be successful on your personal health and fitness journey.

I.   How to start a fitness program and be successful

  A. Ask yourself why?

  B. How to come up with both short and long term goals that you want to achieve 

  C. Based on those goals how to create a plan of attack 

  D. Execution and consistency

Lifestyle changes,  “The Three Pillars of Health” - Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep 

II.   Sports Nutrition 101

  A. What is a calorie? What is a Macro? Calories In-Calories out method.  

  B. How many calories a day should we aim for?

BMR Calculator activity:

Using BMR how to calculate for weight gain or loss

  C. Now what do we do with this number? Break down macros and %’s, how to make a diet plan?

  D. Insulin - Why do we gain weight when we are "eating healthy?" Is it good or bad? 

  E. Water Consumption - How much per day do we need? 

  F. What is alkalinity?

Supplements - Meant to supplement a well balanced diet to help enhance results

III.   Supplementation for a Healthy Lifestyle 

  A. What does it mean? Are they effective? 

  B. Are they safe? FDA regulations? 2015 study - Finest Nutrition, Spring Valley, Up and Up, Herbal Plus

  C. Types of protein powders: Casein, Egg, Soy, Hemp, Pea, Animal (beef), Whey, Whey Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey

  D. What are the essentials?

  E. Who and what is Isagenix