Why Support Fitness Fights Cancer?


FFC is building a community that values health and fitness by empowering people who have been diagnosed with cancer, or are affected by the disease, to fight its effects with strength training and nutritional guidance. 

As long as this disease has been around, physicians have been studying the impact of overall health on the ability of patients to defeat it and thrive. We’ve taken things a step farther and believe that a specific regimen of keto and alkaline diet, combined with workouts that directly target replacing fat with muscle, are key to starving at least certain kinds of cancer cells of nourishment. In our limited experience, the results we’ve been able to achieve are nothing short of astonishing, but we need to know more. 

FFC founder Sam Juzbasich, diagnosed with third stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma in May of 2018, has, by rigorously applying his regimen and chemotherapy, managed to reduce the instance of cancer cells in his body by more than 85% in just four months. Results are so dramatic, we need to know – can we help others with similar conditions deliver similar results? Which types of cancers are most and least responsive to similar efforts? How much data would represent an adequate representation of our approach to wellness – and, in the end, how much does it matter if we can help people remain healthy while we’re waiting for substantiation? 

Your contribution will: 

  • Help us template case study elements; recruit subjects willing to participate in our suggested regimen and detail their results in ways that will help others benefit from their experience.
  • Create educational materials and workout videos. 
  • Provide educational outreach to survivor and patient communities and help us share our expertise when asked (e.g. honoraria and travel expenses). 
  • Help us create an affiliate network of Fitness Fights Cancer Clubs to evangelize our approach, while providing needed local encouragement and support for participants. 
  • Help us to support and educate the medical community with information about our results and access to a resource network with which they may explore wellness options with other professionals who adhere to our fitness principles. 
  • Provide fitness diagnostic support such as dexa scans for case study participants to monitor individual progress in body fat and muscle composition, measured against any progress of disease. 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Fitness fights cancer is a nonprofit corporation that is currently applying for 501c3 status. Donations made at this time may not qualify for tax exemption.